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Marvelous Mansions to Visit in Wales

Good morning, Happy Mansion Lovers!

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Most people haven't been to Wales. And that's a shame.

Other than knowing that there is a title called Prince of Wales, I didn't really know anything about this part of the United Kingdom until popular singer Tom Jones began his hip-wiggling television show in the 1970s.

Later I had a business trip to Wales and found the people and places there to be exceptional pleasant and enjoyable.

If you want a good starting point for learning about Wales, go to

But let's focus on the mansions in Wales for today. You'll probably want to start with Aberconwy House which is that rarity, a mansion from medieval times. Aberconwy House dates from the 14th century and is now decorated to resemble an 18th century merchant's home. For more details see

While in Conwy, be sure to also visit Plas Mawr (which means "Great House") which is an exceptional example of Elizabethan mansions. For more details see

Continuing our travel through the past centuries, you will be delighted by your visit to Plas Newydd, the 18th century home of the Marquis of Anglesey. Anglesey served at Waterloo, and the mansion features a fine military museum concerning that battle. Art lovers will feel rewarded by the marvelous Rex Whistler collection, including his most famous and largest mural (about 50 feet in height ) in the dining room. See

For those who cannot get enough of medieval castles, be sure to visit Powis Castle and enjoy the gardens there. For more information, see

If you prefer fantasy castles, then the 19th century Penrhyn Castle is right for you. This castle features a romantic appearance, wonderful views, a doll collection and outstanding art and furnishings. See

For those who loved the "downstairs" part of the famed television series, Upstairs, Downstairs, you have a treat awaiting you at Erddig. While you are there be sure to take a carriage ride and walk some of the 13 miles of paths. Pick a sunny day, though, to see the interiors. There is no electricity in the rooms. See

If you like gardens and views, be sure to check out Bodnant Garden. Although there's no mansion there, you'll feel refreshed in this very popular destination. See

Could a billionaire do better? I doubt it.

A billionaire would probably find Wales too small to be interesting. It's not the center of anything. There are no big deals to be done there. So you don't have to worry about The Donald getting in your way! You'll be thoroughly charmed though.


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